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Regulated by Care Quality Commission
Diagnexia is regulated by Care Quality Commission in England for Diagnostic and Screening Procedures


Established in 2020, Diagnexia is an international, expert second opinion, diagnostic service company.

Diagnexia is a Deciphex company that connects AI empowered pathologists to clients globally with subspeciality needs.

Utilising our state of the art integrated case management and review system.  

Privately-held company, with headquarters in Ireland and offices in the USA and UK.

Diagnexia will revolutionise diagnostics of clinical cases using AI-powered digital pathology and a unique network of renowned pathology sub-specialists.

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Experienced Clinical Team

Meet Our Experts

We provide clinical leadership in the key subspecialties. Our team consists of recognised subspecialist experts that operate across the major subspecialties.

Meet our experts

Dr. Andrew R Bamber

Anatomical Pathologist

Chief Medical Officer

Prof. Runjan Chetty

Anatomical Pathologist

Professor Chetty is an experienced Anatomical Pathologist/Histopathologist with speciality interests in GI and pancreatic pathology who has held chairs of Pathology in South Africa and Glasgow.

Why work with us

We are always looking for highly specialised subspecialty pathologists to join our growing team.

Do you want to play a role in an organization that strives to be the best?

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Working for us


Diagnostic Services

Diagnexia provides a network of International Pathology specialists as a clinical diagnostics service.

We use a highly engineered pathologist-designed platform for histopathology analysis including on-site scanning facilities.

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