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Dr. Nicole Cipriani

Surgical Pathology

Dr. Nicole Cipriani is a Board-Certified Anatomic and Clinical Pathologist and an Associate Professor at The University of Chicago, where she also holds the position of Medical Director of Gross Pathology and AP Informatics.

Since beginning her clinical practice in 2013, she has specialised in Surgical Pathology with sub-specialties in Head & Neck and Endocrine Thyroid & Parathyroid Pathology. Renowned for her expertise in neoplasms of the thyroid, salivary glands, and head & neck mucosal sites, Dr. Cipriani has contributed significantly to the field through numerous noteworthy publications. These have included research on vocal cord paralysis, glomus tumors, and a report on pleural metastasis from parotid secretory carcinoma to name a few. Her extensive research and dedicated clinical practice have established her as a leading expert and invaluable resource in her field.

Surgical Pathology
Head & Neck Pathology, Endocrine Thyroid & Parathyroid Pathology
Academic Affiliation
Chicago, IL, USA
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