Why Diagnexia?

High Quality/Expertise

We have a trusted network of expert pathologists who are all RCPath collegiate and/or CAP/CLIA members.

In order to ensure the continued consistency of our reports that meet RCPath and CAP guidelines, we also have a robust internal quality assessment procedure.

We provide a distributed network of over 50 subspeciality pathologists to support remote diagnostics of clinical primary diagnosis and secondary consultants.

Our secure online platform has been developed to an extraordinarily high standard, and is constantly being updated to meet changing requirements.

Meet our experts

Turn around time

Our recognised subspecialist experts guarantee high quality and swift turnaround times.

We offer streamlined processes, with capabilities to onboard material from anywhere, resulting in faster more efficient reporting.


Diagnexia offers a quick, easy and cost-effective service.

With competitive pricing which may alleviate some overheads many companies may be experiencing in the current climate.

When submitting cases there are no complex contracts. We have legal counsel that is available to support you when you need them.


Our team of senior pathologists cover the major subspecialties and are recognised subspecialist experts in these fields.

We take care of the entire process.

  1. With our reagent rental model to facilitate you accessioning cases
  2. Secure access to our dedicated platform for case uploads and management
  3. Access to remote expert second opinions.
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