Dr. Omar Layth Qassid

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Dr. Omar Layth Qassid
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Dr. Omar Layth Qassid

Anatomical pathology

Consultant breast and skin pathologist at the University Hospitals of Leicester and honorary senior lecturer in cancer studies in the University of Leicester.

Dr Qassid completed his histopathology training in London in 2016. Prior to his pathology training, He trained in medicine and surgery with South Wales health boards. Dr Qassid’s main areas of interest are education and training, digital pathology and the use of social media platforms to deliver teaching and assistance in challenging cases to pathologists worldwide.

He has also served as an RCPath Country Advisor for Iraq and has recently been appointed as the Royal College of Pathologist international associate regional advisor for the Middle East and North Africa.

Anatomical pathology
Breast & Skin
Academic Affiliation
Leicester, United Kingdom
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