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Dr. Sheeba Syed

Histopathology/Anatomical Pathology

Dr. Sheeba Syed is a highly accomplished pathologist with a specialization in Breast & Gynaecological pathology & cervical cytopathology.

She currently works as a Substantive Consultant at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital under NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde. Dr. Syed's particpates in a number of external quality assurance schemes, including the British Association of Gynaecological Pathology EQA, NHS BPS (Breast Pathology EQA), and cervical cytology NHS Scotland EQA. Throughout her career, she has been deeply committed to teaching undergraduates, postgraduates, and biomedical scientists. Her notable publications in leading medical journals have significantly advanced the understanding of gynaecological and breast pathology. Dr. Sheeba Syed's dedication to her field and academic contributions have earned her recognition as a respected expert in the medical community.

Histopathology/Anatomical Pathology
Gynaecological and Breast Pathology & Cervical Cytopathology
Academic Affiliation
Glasgow, United Kingdom
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