Diagnexia offers a range of diagnostic support services to support the needs of our international clients.



Primary Reporting

Through our accredited laboratory facilities*, Diagnexia provides a complete pathology and clinical diagnostics service for primary reporting.

*Please check with us as to the status of your country/region

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Secondary Consultation

Achieve rapid and reliable secondary consultation on difficult cases

Our unrivalled expertise in pathology, along with the most up-to-date molecular diagnostics, allows us to deliver a one-of-a-kind solution to assist specialized diagnoses.

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Quality Assurance

External Quality Assurance. Provision of expert unbiased feedback on both diagnostic and technical quality.

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Key Benefits of working with Diagnexia


High Quality 

We have a trusted network of expert pathologists. Quality and expertise is our number one priority


Turn Around Time

Quick, easy and ability to onboard content from anywhere 



We ensure that we get the right answer the first time 



Provides  you with best quality diagnostics from anywhere in the world at anytime

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