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Bob McGonnagle & Moira Larsen

In the second episode of our series Diagnexia Dialogues we speak to Bob McGonnagle and Moira Larsen

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Diagnexia is an international Pathology Services company with facilities in Chicago, Dublin and Exeter UK. Its’ mission is to improve patient experience by improving turnaround time for diagnoses. It helps hospitals balance case workload & remove backlogs by connecting them to a Global Virtual Pathology team via the Diagnexia platform.

Keith Kaplan is the host of this podcast. Dr Kaplan is a Pathologist and Laboratory Medical Director at Alliances Pathology Consultants Ltd., as well as a Publisher at tissuepathology.com.

Our guests on this podcast include Bob McGonnagle, Publisher at CAP Today, and Moira Larsen, Physician Executive Director of MedStar Medical Group Pathology at MedStar Health.

Interested in pathology diagnostic services?

Contact: info@diagnexia.com

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